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Photo Caption: Little Lakes Valley, looking upvalley from Mack Lake. This is one of the best-known views to many hikers in California. You can see why. People who have been there generally say it is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, places they have ever seen. And it certainly is "up" at 10,350 feet elevation.

January 28

I put all 2008 archives in a separate subdirectory, and created 7 new 2009 categories -- Trips 2009, The Barnum Effect, Pets 2009, Evolution, Good Riddance to Bush, Life is Hard Work, and Economics 2009.

January 19

I archived the remaining 2008 posts, creating 2 new categories, Pets and Life is a Barrel of Laughs.

December 27

I archived more posts, creating 3 new categories: Political Ideals, Computer Recovery Processes, and Internet Policies.

December 1

I archived the remainder of the Presidential Race 2008 posts.

November 5

I archived more materials in Presidential Race 2008, and a new category, Perspectives on Fear.

October 19

I archived more materials, mostly in Presidential Race 2008. I also added two new categories, one for entries related to Ronald Reagan, and the other, for my ideas about economics.

September 21

I finally added a message board. It is through Aimoo and uses a link to a separate page.

September 10

I archived more materials today, creating several new categories (Capitalism and Christianity, Contextual and Linear Thinking, Olympics, China, Indiana Trip).

September 8

I linked all webpages below the homepage to the homepage, after noticing that a google search seemed to yield only archived pages.

August 6

I added more material and categories to the archives, and organized the archives by grouping. I am getting closer to having a message board. The guy at RCC where I teach seemed to misunderstand my question, and thought that I wanted to start a blog, not add a message board to an existing one. Nonetheless, I was able to glean from his repsonse that I might be able to get a free message board from some of the services found on the internet, and I found what appears to be a good one named Aimoo.

July 7, 2008

I added a links page and pictures from our trip to Colorado, and also archived more posts due to problems with internet downloading.

June 30, 2008

Ditto the update for May 19.

May 19, 2008

I archived more posts, creating several new categories.

April 10, 2008

Site Update # 1

Yesterday I was preoccupied so did not write any entry for my blog. First, it was schoolwork, then Eunice and I went to Isabella's (her daughter's) house again to arrange for some work to be done on her house. It is remarkable how solicitous Eunice is of her daughter, and the lengths she goes to in order to help her. Of course, it always involves me, too, especially since Eunice does not drive. Nothing remarkable happened yesterday, although Eunice did bring lots of good food that she was planning to cook for the three of us, but Isabella came home while we were at a Chinese store called T and S Emporium, and Isabella cooked dinner for us -- how dissapointing that I did not get to eat Salmon tail and Miso soup and whatever else Eunice had planned for dinner! Oh well! It's not that Isabella is a bad cook; she actually cooks pretty well. I wish to God that Isabella would find some guy she was happy with and marry him, but she is never satisfied with any of the many guys who hover around her. She claims that God has to tell her which person to marry. (She is very religious and Christian). Personally, I feel that is just another major religious "cop-out" (excuse). But what can I do? She does not seem to take my opinions seriously (because I don't agree with her religious convictions). I may write about some of these issues another time, but I need to be carefull what I say, lest I get in trouble with my wife or Isabella.

I also wish to update people about this website. Here are my plans:

1. I plan to put the old blog entries into archives by topic. (Finiished 4/14/2008)

2. I plan to add a message board or comment box of some sort. (I need help in doing this, so it is not a spontaneous thing for me to do.)

3. I plan to add a Myspace page which links to both of my sites because I know a great many people go to Myspace. (Done on May 15)

4. I plan to update my other site (Dolly-verse) as well when it gets more visitors; however, working on my blog has been preoccupying. (Done on May 14)

5. So far, most of my daily topics have been general and theoreitical in nature, laying the groundwork for other discussions. I plan to have a mixture of theoretical and applied topics with more detail in the future. (Already begun)

6. Future themes include: an enlightened view of the nature of war I call "The Myth of War," which is timely given the current state of occupation (not war) in which the United States is engaged; Observations concerning politics, especially since we seem to be in a politically crucial period of U.S. history, at least until the election this November; and my view of spirituality which I call "Rational Spirituality" or "Plurism," a topic which is relevant anytime. (The Me People Versus the We People Begun on May 17)

Meanwhile, I am doing some research into my next particularly heretical topic: "This is the Way We Wash Our Brains (So Early in the Morning)" (Finished on May 14)