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About Myself and Eunice

First of all, I would like to mention something about my family. I have two brothers, both parents, ten nieces and nephews and a stepdaughter, all of whom live here in California where my wife Eunice and I also live. I also have twelve first cousins, plus their children, etc. Some of my relatives are visible in the wedding photos. My wife Eunice comes from a large famly frum Taiwan, which is an independently governed part of China, whose people are Chinese, not to be confused with Thailand, whose people are Thai. Eunice's Chinese name is Zun-Liang Chu. Eunice speaks Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, as well as English, although our communication often ranges into what has been described as "Chinglish." Several of Eunice's relatives have come here to visit us, and some may even want to immigrate to here in the future, but so far this has not happened, so I don't know what to expect. I have learned not to expect too much, or get angry about misfortune. I have also learned to be happy with what we have, have a good sense uv humor, along with a poor sense of emotional memory, but good cognitive memory.

I am the youngest child in my family, and I am fortunate to come from a stable, well-educated, upper middle class family, with a very loving and generous upbringing by my parents. I have a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and teach approximately half-time at a local community college. The other half is being with You-Nice and other family, doing yardwork and fishing, and working on my websitse. My wife Eunice has two masters degrees (physical therapy and MBA), and previously worked extremely hard and had a difficult life, but got tired of that lifestyle, and now does homey things, spiritual and philanthropic things, and website things. The best thing is that we do most of these things together, even though we have substantial disagreement about some things. I think tolerating disagreement, compromising, reconciling differences and creating new, improved ways of thinking are all very important to success, not just in marriage, but in relationships in general, especially for people who are as idiosyncratic as we are. As you can probably tell Eunice and I are about a 10 on the Richter scale of love.

I have been intellectually oriented and a free thinker since I was a youngster, although I also had normal, male interests in sports, fishing, television shows, etc. I think my parents own intellectually oriented and non-judgmental attitudes and education have encouraged my thought processes. When I first went to college, at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA, I majored in Biophysics, but eventually switched to Psychology. I believe my broad education as well as my thoughtful inclination gives me a better perspective. Also, Psychology is the best topic to help a person with self-understanding as well as understanding of others. Every person has an interest of some sort in Psychology, and Psychology helps give a broader perspective on all other topics.